Review: Fairmont Miramar, Santa Monica

I had never stayed at a Fairmont before. I knew it was supposedly fancy. I didn’t know they often are hotels that have historic or iconic significance. Now, I do.

Earlier this year, we came to LA for a scouting trip. Mr. Kapoor had accepted his job offer in the city and it was time to figure out where to live. And – we were put up at the Fairmont.

SO…This Santa Monica hotel is an older property – we obviously expected something a bit modern. That said, there is a charm to it. We stayed here a whole week and it grew on us. The service was extraordinary.

The Fig restaurant is lovely and so is the lobby. There is a big Fig Tree in front of the property – absolutely gorgeous! There is a decent size (small) pool – we did go for a dip but the water was a bit cold. Well, it was January.

The location of the hotel is great – really close to shopping and restaurants and the beach! Parking is valet only and pricey and so are the rooms – and room service (food is expensive!) but the location is central and makes sense, given the brand name, city and location.

Ask for complimentary water! There was a small fridge in our room but it was stocked so we had trouble putting anything (like milk for my tea) in it. The size of our room was great – something to do with older buildings, I guess.

I would definitely recommend this hotel property. It is charming. DO NOT choose this property if you are looking for something modern. Go to Huntley instead, which is next door to it.


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