Review: Huntley Santa Monica Beach

Wow, this place!

Many of you know that we moved from the East Coast this year. We moved here to Los Angeles for my dear Mr. Kapoor’s new job. His company put us up at the Huntley for about 10 days until our stuff arrived by road.

Our hotel room was amazing. We had the best view of the city and of the beach. The rooms were super-modern with classy-contemporary artifacts. We had a tub in our room, the bathroom was gorgeous, TV on turntable so you can see it from your bed and from the sofa on the other side. The size of our room was large, over 500+ sq ft. We got a welcome gift (wine and fruit) as well.

Slight issue: No complimentary water. Could not heat water in my room for tea but there is a shop at the lobby level – We went there a few times. Sometimes, the shop was closed so it was hard to buy water in bigger bottles. There is water in the rooms but you end up paying $7 for a small size, which does not make sense. The hotel room was $600 per night so to pay for water made no sense.

Breakfast was available in the room and the penthouse – It was not cheap but the high rates makes sense given the location, city and luxurious feel this hotel provides.

The penthouse was fancy and breathtaking. We had to plan to dress well to avoid that out-of-place feeling. The lobby is ooh-la-la fancy – we saw several luxury cars and celebrity-like looking folks on Friday and Saturday nights.

The valet service was expensive but excellent. It did make the stay a tad bit stress-free.

Lots of restaurants and shopping around. No pool as far as I remember. No grocery stores or pharmacy near (going back to the water issue I mentioned!).

The stay was memorable. I highly recommend it for special occasions!


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