Review: Lutein Soft Chews – Acai Berry

Oh. My. God. A+ on the taste with this one. No question about it.

Lutein Soft Chews claim to support eye and skin health. These soft chews are a vegetarian formula that look cute and taste amazing.

I picked up a bag from GNC a few months ago. It’s not cheap. Close to $25 at GNC and a few bucks cheaper on Amazon. It has around 60 chews so this bag will last you two months, assuming you have one a day.

BUT..They are so good that I dream about them and I look forward to eating one every morning. They come individually wrapped. And even though they are soft chews, they will not stick to your teeth. Sad to say, today is my last one.


They are a GNC Natural Brand, but they do contain corn syrup, sugar, soy and palm oil. Of course, I read this after I consumed the whole bag. I need to now think if this is something I should buy again. Maybe. Maybe not. How about they take the palm oil and corp syrup out of the formula and maintain the same great taste? Then, yep. I am sold.

But a straight A for the taste.


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