Baby corn on the cob!

There is a restaurant in NYC called Spice Market. I have fond memories of this spot, and perhaps if you visit Manhattan, make it a point to go.

There was a dish on their menu – crisp, fresh babycorn in a some kind of Asian sauce, perhaps some kind of Hoisin sauce. I remember that taste like yesterday. And, I’ve been trying to replicate that dish at home.

But getting fresh baby corn was always so hard – and canned baby corn is just not the same. I lived right by a PathMark, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Mitsuwa and H Mart were less than a mile away. Anyway, that was New York, and now I am in LA.

This weekend, I went to Grand Central Market. I had heard so much about it. It was in downtown Los Angeles – a really interesting space with organic grocers and a ton of restaurants serving cuisines from around the world.

Anyway, I found fresh baby corn at Grand Central Market. So excited because I honestly had never seen fresh baby corn on the cob!

This evening, I could almost replicate the dish that I had at Spice Market. And, I have to say, fresh baby corn is SOOO much better than the canned variety!





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