Fancy Face Mist for How Much??

You know, face mist is a luxury. You don’t really need it but it does make feel special.

Since I don’t really put make-up on an everyday basis, I do have a habit of splashing water on my face at least a few times a day. But sometimes, it is nice to spray something that smells good, is natural but does not cost an arm and a leg.

So, I decided to make a face spray at home. Yep, another Kapoor adventure!

I looked at several recipes and finally decided on this Slice one. It is called the Chamomile Vanilla mist. I fell in love with it – the smell and refreshing feel – just amazing!! And its all natural.

This is what you need:

Here is the recommended recipe with the right proportions from Slice: “Add chamomile tea bag to one cup of water. Let steep for an hour. Fill spritz bottle three quarters full with cooled tea, add vanilla essential oil, jojoba oil and top with distilled water. Shake and spritz.”

Note: I used Vitamin E because it prevents the product from going rancid. I used it instead of Jojoba oil. It was a trial so I just used a little plastic spray bottle from Target, but now I will buy a glass one instead.

I keep the bottle in the fridge and I am sure it is going to last for several months because really a little goes a long way! This product is for keeps – Chamomile is great for the skin and vanilla is truly uplifting. Try it out!




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