Strawberry Nesquik No More

That Nesquik – Strawberry syrup is delicious. But also full of chemicals. Last year, I read an article that said Nesquik nixed the pink artificial color and replaced it with beetroot powder, and also reduced the sugar content.

I did buy the new product, but the article stuck with me. Yesterday, I looked up a good recipe from Live Simply, that I recommend.

I bought some fresh strawberries from the Farmers Market. Washed about 2.5 cups worth, cut them and threw them in a pan. Put about 3/4 cup of agave and a cup of water. Heated it for about 30 minutes. Separate and strain the strawberry syrup from the pulp. Refrigerate.

Quick note: My daughter put in a lot more of my home made syrup so that her milk looked pink! Perhaps, next time, I will add more strawberries for the color.


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