Review: Vega One Shake – Vanilla Chai

I am on a quest. I want to find the best and healthiest nutritional shake. I first thought I should get a protein shake mix instead – but for some reason, I find protein shakes a lot more heavy for my tummy, and if I forget to have enough water on the day I have a protein shake, my headaches are almost guaranteed.

Introducing meal-replacement nutritional shakes!

I tried the Garden of Life Raw Organic Shake and Meal Replacement and reviewed it here.

Today, I tried Vega One Vanilla Chai Nutritional Shake.

If you’ve had the Hot Chai Tea from Starbucks, the flavor of this shake comes pretty close to it. Perhaps, you also taste a bit more cardamom in the shake than the Starbucks Chai.

If you know how I have my shakes, you would know I like mixing them with cold almond milk. The powder does not create too many lumps so that’s a good thing. Remember that my comparison point as of today is the Garden of Life nutritional shake.

The color of this vanilla chai shake is similar to the Starbucks chai (a little greenish-brown), depending on how much you put in it. The price is a tad bit less than the Garden of Life organic shake, and in my opinion, the flavor is better.

I added just half a scoop and I am feeling relatively full. One scoop and I think it would be total meal replacement. It is definitely healthy. Lots of vitamins, non-GMO, vegan, 20 grams of plant based proteins, 6 different greens. It’s good stuff.

The taste is definitely overpowering for those who may not like the chai flavor. There is a very small hint of vanilla – you taste the cardamom a lot more.

If you like Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, then I would say, give it a shot. I am thinking of buying the smallest plastic bottle that they have on Amazon – 15.4 oz. Don’t buy the 10-packet option because the price per oz is higher. And – buy the bigger one once you know you like the flavor for sure.



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