A girl and her shoes

If you are a woman, you are more likely to click this post. Unless you are me.

I think 6 years of grad school and years of financial hardship changed me. The girl who changed her earrings everyday stopped wearing earrings. The girl who cared about the color of the season choose black and white. The girl who had five different eye shadows started to use a lipstick as eyeshadow.

Last month I woke up and realized that I want the old me back. It will be a work in progress but I needed to start somewhere. And I decided to start with shoes.

We have been doing decently well financially over the last several years. Mr. Kapoor takes good care of us. And yet, it was so hard to get out of the student mindset. I had forgotten what it felt like to be the real me and I had to really force myself to think different, to let the real me shine. What an awesome feeling it was to let go. Everyone should try this once in a while.

So, I went to DSW and bought myself 6 shoes. Yes, 6.

Coz, baby I am worth it.


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