Peddlers Fork, Calabasas 

This past weekend, we decided to celebrate my new Diamondback Bike at Peddlers Fork.

First let me tell you about my new bike. I used to ride a BMX bike when I was in middle and high school. That was so many years ago.

SO, really, it was like buying a bike for the first time…as an adult. I was looking for a cruiser when I first started looking, and Target and Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods had so many options. Cruisers look so cute – lovely colors, basket and soft cushy seats. It is hard not to fall in love with them.

For me, the issue with cruisers, however, is their handle bars. Too long, too wide. The design is a big no-no for the sporty folks – these bikes are meant for the beach. So, hard as it was, I had to let go of the cruiser bikes and their wonderful seats.

After much research for a good month or so, I walked into a nice bike store called Performance Bikes in Redondo Beach this past weekend. I have such good things to say about this store and its staff. I tried several bikes and then chose the Diamondback Vital 1 woman’s bike. So easy to ride, lets me cruise but works well for city life. Love the 7 gears and the 18-speeds, the decent seat cushioning and the bright orange color. And the bike was on sale, so I got a great deal.

To the bike, I added a backview mirrow and a bell. Yay! All I need now is a helmet.


Now, let me tell you about Peddlers Fork, where I decided to celebrate my new purchase. This is a local hangout in Calabasas, the famous town home to Kardashians, and Brittany Spears among others.

Folks, this place rocks a bike theme. Even the restrooms are something to write home about. We’ve been to bike-themed restaurants before – this one is the best so far. They have an outdoor and indoor, a huge bar, and a little bike store at the back. They also roast their own coffee beans and the smell is incredible in their coffee area.

And the food is awesome. We ordered a few breakfast items and could not resist their fresh orange juice mimosas.
One thing we don’t see in too many restaurants is giant sized coloring worksheet for kids. My 7-year old is used to getting smaller sized sheets but this one kept her busy for a while!

The service is fantastic and I highly recommend this place!


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