PMP Certification

Some of you may know – After finishing up University, I completed two Masters degrees and then a Doctoral degree. I graduated from Wayne State University with a Ph.D. in 2007.

Sad but true. I think I ran away from books for a long time after that. I was so tired of studying, reading and memorizing. Perhaps, I should have stopped studying after one graduate degree to avoid this aversion.

This year has been the year of change. It took me almost 10 years to go back to serious reading and test-taking but I finally did.

On September 19, 2016, I signed up with the LA Chapter of PMI and shelled out almost $1000. Over the last 6 Saturdays, I spent my time in a ‘classroom’, dedicated to the study of project management.

The classes were fun, the learning was great. Most folks take these project management education credits as a requirement to taking the big crazy 200-question, 4 hour exam called the PMP certification. The exam is offered by the Project Management Institute, a well-recognized global standard.

As if a Ph.D. and two MA degrees are not enough, I am going to take this exam at some point. I will need to brush up my math skills (gosh, I m terrible at it) and also exercise my memory cells. There is so much to remember but it will hopefully aid my understanding of project management and add to the feathers in my cap.

But for now, let me flaunt the 48 hours of education!



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