Instacart Delivery

Last week I got a $10 coupon code from my cousin in Atlanta to use this service called Instacart. And because I used it, now I have a $10 coupon code that I get to share with all of you: KKAPOOR1CB127

Let me tell you more about this service:

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that operates a website, mobile application, and technology platform that connect users with personal shoppers in their area who pick up and deliver groceries from local retailer stores. Instacart is not a retailer or a seller of groceries or other merchandise.”

I decided to order from Whole Foods. Why not? I get $20 worth of stuff for $10.

The idea was to just try out something new so I actually bought stuff worth just $20. Milk, one apple, one onion, one pear, two potatoes, one tomato, one can of beans, a bag of frozen peas and a dozen eggs. Real small cart of stuff.

I ordered all this online – which was really easy. I scheduled delivery time. I was asked to provide my phone number, which I did. I paid via credit card.

A few hours later, I got a SMS:

“Dan just started shopping. We’ll notify you if there are any changes. Your perishables will be temperature-controlled until delivery”

Then, another SMS:

“Dan replaced: Organic Roma Tomato. Visit http://inst.ct/xxxx to review”

Then another note:

“Dan is done shopping. Your perishables are temperature controlled until delivery. Est: 4:00-5:00 pm”

And then, closer to delivery time:

“Instacart is on the way! Delivery estimate: ~4:50 pm”

Sure enough, I got a call around this time, letting me know the grocery was here. Pretty smooth.

Everything came in a total of 3 bags, including one that was for the ‘cold’ stuff.


I should have put the service charge online to ‘0’, because I gave the tip to the delivery woman but I didn’t know. Good learning.


Each fruit or vegetable was wrapped in separate bags, which I thought was wasteful. Save the earth, peeps! Stop the use of SO MUCH plastic.

Overall, I thought this was an easy and useful service. I had the option of getting stuff delivered within the hour, which was truly amazing. And the option to choose one of several stores – Whole Foods, Costco, Gelson’s, Petco, Smart & Final – in Los Angeles. That list will probably change in other states. Instacart currently deliver in several US states.

You can find more details here:

If the company delivers in your area, here is my coupon code for you again: KKAPOOR1CB127

This should give you $10 off your grocery bill and when you do that, I get another $10 bucks off mine! Happy Insta-carting…


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