Temescal Canyon Hike

This past Sunday didn’t start right. I was just tired and lazy and bored. The Kapoor family suggested we go on a hike. I reluctantly agreed. We chose the Temescal Canyon trail in Pacific Palisades.

We parked down the hill (parking is not cheap, $10 bucks!!) and decided to complete the 2.5 mile loop, which for most young folks is easy to do.

What I didn’t know what that more than half the hike was uphill.

It was definitely a workout. We were exhausted by the end of it but it was completely worth it. Higher we went, the better the view got. This is us at the top! Yeah, we made it.


The ground was not totally dry because it had rained a little bit in the morning before we got there. But, there were hardly any trees or shrubs, the branches were dry, some were almost burnt.


The saving grace though, was definitely the view. You could see all of Santa Monica, LA Downtown, Studio City, Pacific Palisades and Malibu, the shoreline, the never-ending Pacific Ocean. Absolutely gorgeous. Breath-taking enough to forget you are tired!


Sunday turned around. I started to feel better. Great weather, fresh air and some exercise.

The trail was well-marked and we met some regulars who knew the way and were helpful. Some parts of the trail were steep and rocky – both uphill and downhill. Folks with weak ankles and knees, beware! I have weak knees and ankles but I went real slow and I was fine.

On our way down, we crossed a little bridge where we were hoping to see a waterfall but unfortunately, it was totally dry. Disappointing but hey, we are in a drought here in CA 😦

One thing I did learn later was that parking is free on Sunset Blvd. Next time, we will plan on parking there.




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