Magical Seattle

Last week, our friend Purva suggested (by total chance, and perhaps half-jokingly!) that we show up in Seattle to celebrate our common friend’s Mohit’s birthday. This was an unique opportunity to surprise him and to hang with some great friends, so we bought last-minute tickets and made our way to Seattle this past weekend. And what a magical weekend it was.

Over the years, we have worked hard to hold on to old friendships, to spend happy times together and to build memories that truly last forever. This time around, we built a special bond between our 7-year old daughter and my dear friend, Purva who I met on a train journey in 1997 that we took together to celebrate India’s 50th year of independence. Imagine finding those pictures and looking through them together. So precious.

And then, a video-chat with Vinay, our loveliest fellow train traveler.

By the way, Purva happens to be one of the best pediatric dentists in Seattle and the only ever Tooth-Fairy Anya has ever known! Shhhh. Our little one also thanked her for the $10 she found under her pillow.

We will also always remember that Anya learned to play Pictionary with Purva and Aakash. And also hula hoop with the world’s biggest hoop. How cool.

If you know me, you know that no holiday is ever complete without a visit to the local Ethiopian streets of Seattle. Yes, we did that and also dined at Ras Dashen. We thought the food was decent, the Gomen and Fosolia were particularly special and the Misir was served in an interesting way. If we hadn’t had gallons of tea at Purva-Aakash’s tea museum, we may have tried the Ethiopian tea too..alas, we skipped it.

On Saturday evening, I met my friend, Sanjay, after 20 years. We were such great friends then and we took it from where we left it. Our kids became BFFs in that one hour of meeting and the spouses definitely got along. Nostalgic memories were re-lived, walking the streets at 7 PM on North Avenue and Tagore Road in Santacruz W (Mumbai, India) and always rubber-necking the Vivekanda Library on that stroll. He was always a man of ideas, and his wife, Tracy would attest that he still is. He drove an hour to see me for one, and this photo shows exactly how I feel.  Real happiness that doesn’t know any boundaries of reasons and needs no explanation.

The highlight of the evening was Mohit’s birthday party. His wife, Megha had nicely planned the evening – drinks and dinner – and a sitter at home for the kids. We started with a lounge and ended at a dinner spot called Poppy. This was an interesting American-style restaurant serving modern Northwest cuisine in an Indian-thali format.

We will never forget Mohit’s pretty hat and raiding his bar, flamey- drinks, happy faces, big hugs, 2-AM vermicilli noodles, idlis (with that amazing tomato-chatni) for breakfast and the lovely folks we met at the party. And of course, little Myra that stole everybody’s heart.


One thought on “Magical Seattle

  1. Thanks for being our FIRST ever house-guests at Mynah Cottage… We will treasure the memories of our time in Seattle fondly… May this be the beginning of a series of visits to follow! ❤


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