San Diego

This city keeps on giving. This past Saturday was our fourth trip to the San Diego area, and perhaps the best yet.

San Diego is about a 2.5-hour drive from Los Angeles and is home to (among other things) Lego Land, Sea World, San Diego Zoo and Safari and Yogananda Ashram.

Saturday’s trip was to explore two enchanting cities in the San Diego area: Encinitas and La Jolla.

San Diego has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets and we had the opportunity to check out both.

This was us, early AM in Encinitas, right behind Pranjal’s (my brother) home. As the sun went up, we heard birds chirping and the sky changing color. Peacefully stunning. We could still see the moon when the sun went up, and Pranjal captured that well.

Later that morning, we also tried out an amazing donut place (VG Donuts) close to Encinitas. Clearly popular, we had to wait in line to get ourselves a breakfast basket of donuts, bagels, sticky buns and Danish cookies. There were tables outside where wedding planners and VG bakers were having meetings with their clients.

That afternoon, we drove through charming Cardiff and to La Jolla – about a 35 minute drive from Encinitas.

We had lunch at a newly opened Indian fusion restaurant, Masala Street. This restaurant warrants another visit, for sure. The pau bhaji was better than I have had in most places and the sev puri, served on little baby chairs and with mango papad was pretty clever, and delish. Samosa-lovers are sure to like the samosas-tacos – very interesting concept. The Pav-Wada was okay-ish, we didn’t love it. The chana-masala seemed to have too much masala. Those are the two things that the new chef needs to fix.

After lunch, we made our way down to a popular destination – the La Jolla Cove – the shore of this coastal north San Diego town. This is a great little area because of its resident seals and sea lion population, and its many birds. We had a lovely time here, watching the seals basking in the sun as well as gulls and brown pelicans.

On our way back to the car, we saw a nice gelato spot and decided to check it out. This place was amazing. Bobboi had some unique flavors – We tried the charcoal vanilla, blood orange, pineapple and rose-water honey. We liked them all. Highly recommend this spot. I know we will be back!

We had to head back to Playa Vista, so we hurried back to the car, stopped by Encinitas to enjoy the sunset and to pick up our bags, and made our way back home.


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